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Introducing The Recalcitrant Press

The Recalcitrant Press isn't a publishing company in the traditional sense. Rather, it's a virtual press, an electronic imprint, a medium for making available literary work that would otherwise remain hidden.

The creation and dissemination of fiction, essays, and poetry doesn't need to be in the hands of a few large corporations. After all, inspiration rarely occurs in the conference room.

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Writing exists in a different dimension. Reviewers and critics sometimes react as if fiction writers should actively attempt to "express their time." An intriguing alternative would be to write in order to redefine one's time, to unravel the everyday cliches and assumptions that surround us.

The Recalcitrant Press will seek to publish works that have been created outside the confines of the conventional structures.

Announcing Dark Angels

Dark Angels, the first work of fiction to be published by the Recalcitrant Press, is an alternative history of sorts, a telescoped vision of the way things might have been or indeed might be.

What if the system that rules the world could read your mind, anticipate your every desire, your every thought? What if crime were allowed, as long as it was predictable? What if all this happened twenty years ago and you didn't know it? And what if the system inexplicably started to lose control?

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